G.Y. Galante United

GY GALANTE UNITED FUTSAL CLUB strives to provide opportunities for everyone in our community to participate in healthy, safe and inclusive FUTSAL activities in a fun and family orientated environment. The club is managed by dedicated volunteer staff, all of whom tirelessly provide their skills, time and assistance to ensure the club can offer a variety of structured programs.

The club was founded on February 1st 2017. Two friends (Chairman – Samuel Galante) and (Secretary – Tiago Pires) decided to create a small side football team which could play 5-a-side and 6-a-side competitions, managing to win many leagues and tournaments. That format of football was not within our goals and ambition. We managed to join a small Futsal League from Norfolk FA based at UEA Norwich, where we won the league title three years running and participated twice in the FA Futsal Cup. Unfortunately, due to lack of interest from teams, the league has folded forcing us to stop playing competitive matches regularly.

Over the last 2 years we have been playing in various tournaments and leagues around our area. We have travelled without any issues to many games from invitations we have received (cities like Nottingham, Grantham, Leicester, London, Ipswich and Brighton). We are young, hard working people with an immense desire to bring Futsal to Norfolk and put G.Y. Galante United Futsal Club in the Highest National League Scene.

We have been working hard for the past two years to achieve our ultimate goal of playing Futsal at National Level. We, the staff and players, have been fighting every day to keep the Club dreams alive day after day. As a Club we want to face the future knowing that we can keep growing day by day with certainty. For the next few years we intent to:

  • Become an FA Charter Standard Club from 2020/2021;
  • Expand the Futsal game and our Club by putting deals into place with different facilities based in Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Martham and Norwich (Norfolk Area);
  • Create and structure a secure and safe academy base, where we propose to have multiple teams from different cultures, ethnic groups, ages and genders;
  • Bring back Galante United Futsal Club Development Team (this existed before but due to lack of Futsal games it was suspended for an undetermined period of time);
  • Offer better conditions to all staff members of the Club (training courses/facilities);
  • Create a very strong marketing department, which involves the creation of our own magazine (Trimester), online club shop and online club channel where we intent to record and live stream games along with interactions with our players/staff.

We have a very complex strategic plan for Futsal to develop within our club, community, town and county. Every day we manage to reach more and more people, through social media as meeting face to face with a lot people in the community. We have started a dream and we have been and will keep working without rest to turn this dream into a reality.



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