Eagle Team UK

Eagle Team – UK Futsal Club Hull are members of the LNFS England (National Futsal League). The club was founded on a desire of futsal development throughout the city of Hull, and to take the club to the highest level of English futsal. Eagle Team UK Futsal Club was established in 2017 having a strong diversity of players from various countries. We are proud to be FA Charter Standard club. We are committed to deliver the best possible experience for club members and supporters making futsal safe and fun for all.

Our aim is to promote the sport of futsal in England, increasing participation and opportunities in the country.

Eagle Team UK Futsal Club is determined to grow. Because of the players’ passion for futsal, the club aspires to reach a professional level, and focus on winning, but also spreading the enjoyment of taking part in sport, as well as elevate futsal’s popularity. Our aspirations also include reaching a wider audience, encouraging people of all ages to try out futsal for themselves and spreading a positive message about the sport.


Eagle Team UK

#PlayerClubPositionDate of BirthAgeGoalsAssistsYellow CardsRed CardsOwn Goals
1ltuAleksandr BelicenkoEagle Team UKOutfield player5 October 19952600000
2ltuArtiom BarinovEagle Team UKOutfield player16 March 19863600000
3ltuArtur MacijauskasEagle Team UKOutfield player4 February 19972500000
4mdaDumitru CananauEagle Team UKOutfield player19 August 19942700000
5ltuEgidijus RadeckisEagle Team UKOutfield player1 October 19922900000
6estIvan VassetskinEagle Team UKOutfield player2 June 19923000000
7engJamie GilliattEagle Team UKOutfield player19 January 19903200000
8polKamil KoreptaEagle Team UKOutfield player13 December 19863500000
9lvaLee AndersonEagle Team UKOutfield player3 June 19942800000
10ltuMaksimas BarinovasEagle Team UKGoalkeeper3 May 19903200000
11ltuMantas KaminasEagle Team UKOutfield player18 September 19883300000
12bulMartin Tolev MitevEagle Team UKOutfield player23 January 19903200000
13polMateusz MadajewskiEagle Team UKOutfield player8 May 19923000000
14polMateusz SobczykEagle Team UKOutfield player26 November 19922900000
15engMehtab Singh NirwanEagle Team UKOutfield player19 August 19932800000
16polRafal BrodzinskiEagle Team UKOutfield player8 May 19972500000
17engRayjaun RaynorEagle Team UKOutfield player12 March 19952700000
18porRicardo RibeiroEagle Team UKOutfield player5 July 19932900000
19polRobert RajskiEagle Team UKOutfield player20 October 19942700000
20polSebastian CieslewiczEagle Team UKGoalkeeper3 March 20022000000


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