Sport England lists futsal courts collated by LNFS England

We are grateful to Sport England for working with us to add futsal courts to the list of facilities on their Active Places Power database.

This free to use database allows futsal clubs to search for futsal courts anywhere in England. New users just need to register here for free. You can then search for futsal courts by:

  • Hovering over Reports and clicking on Detailed Report: Facilities.
  • Selecting your geographical Area of Interest and Facility Type: Sports Hall.
  • Under More criteria scroll down to Futsal Courts and select >= and put 1 in the box below.
  • Click Submit and then choose table view or map view to see the results of your search.

LNFS England has provided Sport England with the locations of 65 futsal courts, as shown on this map:

Users can zoom in on particular areas and venue data are also available in tabular form.

We know that there may be many more facilities in England that are not yet listed on this Sport England database. We would therefore like all English futsal club officials to register as Active Places Power users to see if the venues they use or know about are on the database. If they are not, then please email details to the LNFS England Communications Director, Ewan Minter, and he will forward this information to Sport England. We are specifically looking for venues in which a futsal court is marked out (i.e. not venues that just allow futsal to be played on basketball or five-a-side courts).

By working together our community can help Sport England build up a comprehensive database of futsal-ready facilities to help clubs and leagues choose the best possible venues within a reasonable distance of every club.

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