Our new LNFS England logo

Our thanks go to Carla Fernández Abasolo from the LNFS Marketing Department in Madrid who designed our new logo, which symbolises the close relationship we wish to develop between the LNFS and LNFS England over the coming years.

Carla used these colours in the design:

….and there are several different versions available, depending on where and how the League and its Member Clubs use the logo.

We really like our new logo and we hope you do too. We’ll be migrating our website and social media across to a new domain over the next few days and updating all of them with the new logo.

We’ll also be providing an opportunity from tomorrow for clubs not already in membership of our Community Interest Company to express their interest in joining LNFS England.


  1. This is a great move for English Futsal, will Junior Futsal clubs like ours (U16) have the opportunity to build a relationship with LNFS England?

    1. Thanks Derek and yes, we definitely want to help develop English futsal for all age groups. We’re just in the process of changing over email addresses, but please do contact one of our Directors next week and they will outline our plans to you.

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