LNFS forms an alliance with FAF to develop futsal in Australia

The LNFS has entered into a long-term agreement with the Australian Futsal Federation that will see both the Australian Futsal governing body and LNFS work together on the growth and development of futsal in Australia and Oceania. This is another step in the expansion of the LNFS project to help promote the development of futsal worldwide, with Australia joining the agreements already reached with England, the Baltic countries, and the USA.

Futsal is experiencing enormous growth in Australia, where FAF promotes and develops futsal competitions from grassroots to local leagues in each state. Thanks to this partnership with the LNFS, the FAF now seeks to achieve its ultimate goal of creating the first Australian professional futsal league. The FAF is made up of men’s, women’s, and junior leagues and, with help from the LNFS, will promote the development of coaches and quality training, contributing to technical and tactical improvements to Australian futsal.

Antonio Cifuentes, president of FAF said: “This strategic partnership with the LNFS is the most important development for futsal in Australia in over a decade and we really looking forward to taking a large and inclusive approach to the growth and development of futsal in collaboration with the LNFS in the coming years.”

Javier Lozano, LNFS President, commented: “It is a pleasure for us to join the FAF project due to the intense interest shown and the enormous possibilities of futsal development throughout the country. It is a mutual responsibility that we assume with joy and determination”.

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