LNFS England welcomes US Youth Futsal to the LNFS community

LNFS England welcomes the newest member of the growing worldwide LNFS community – US Youth Futsal.

The LNFS has reached an agreement with US Youth Futsal (USYF) to work together to grow futsal in the United States. USYF has been an industry leader in futsal in the United States for decades and this agreement will offer additional support from the LNFS to promote growth in technical training, international competition, coaching education, event organisation, and marketing and communications.

USYF has been providing youth futsal programmes in the United States since 1994 and is currently the largest youth futsal organisation in the country, with over 100 league, academy, and club affiliates in more than 30 States. In addition, USYF hosts the largest youth Championship Series, the most robust coaching education platform, and a Futsal ID program that leads to international competition against some of the best futsal clubs and youth national teams in the world.

USYF Executive Director Brian Catrine says:

“The primary goal of our organisation is to simply grow the game of futsal in the United States. By partnering with the LNFS, we will have access to more resources and even stronger organisational tools to help create more engagement in the sport. Javier and his team are some of the best futsal leaders in the world and we look forward to working together”.

After reaching this agreement, Javier Lozano commented that:

“As president of the LNFS, I am very proud to be able to use all the knowledge acquired over 32 years to help new markets. We are convinced that the US has enormous growth potential and can become one of the world’s futsal engines”.

LNFS England looks forward to working closely with our colleagues in the US to share resources and grow international opportunities for English players, coaches, and clubs.

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