LNFS England becomes an Elite Champion member of Koi Sports

LNFS England is pleased to announce that it has been accepted as a Koi Sports CIC Elite Champion Member.

Koi Sports CIC were established in November 2018 to help “sustain, enhance, and grow” the grassroots sports sector by driving commercial investment into sports clubs to deliver positive social change. They work on the premise that sport brings people and communities together, no matter what an individual’s background, religion, race, or other characteristic, and that everyone should be given the opportunity to get involved in a sport that they enjoy to improve both their physical and mental health.

Koi Sports believes that in making sport more affordable and accessible, it delivers huge benefits for local communities.

Koi Sports Director, David Johnson-Rayner explains:

“This is much more than just the traditional “sponsoring of a Club and/or Team”. Businesses that we work with are encouraged to get involved with grassroots clubs on a one-to-one basis, utilising their involvement as part of their Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, which, if utilised effectively, can help Members to retain existing customers and win new business, as well as make strides to becoming an “Employer of Choice”.

One of the ways Koi Sports is engaging with businesses is through their 2021 Elite Champion Membership Scheme, successfully piloted in 2020:

“We reinvest membership fees into a business’s chosen Grassroots Sports Club as well as our chosen Charity “Sports Traider”, whilst marketing the reinvestment across social media on behalf of our members. In addition, members are invited to market their business at our twice monthly networking events, and through their own dedicated episode of our Grassroots Sports Podcast.

Koi Sports will also be providing ongoing support, coaching and mentoring for LNFS England, and its Member Clubs, to help them establish and run their own investing corporate support network, sharing their knowledge, expertise, and experience of this win-win income generation model.

All enquiries about this new partnership should be directed to Peter Sharples, LNFS England’s Business Director, who adds:

Our aim in working with Koi Sports is to develop a sustainable, recurring, and growing income stream to fund the sustainable development of LNFS England and its Member Clubs.”

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