LNFS Annual Anglo-Spanish Tournament

LNFS England and our partners in the LNFS are pleased to announce that we are working to create an annual LNFS Anglo-Spanish Tournament. This will take place in Spain at the end of each season between two leading Spanish futsal teams and the winners of our LNFS England Premiership North and Premiership South competitions. The four teams, two English and two Spanish, will play in a round-robin tournament over a four-day weekend period, with practical workshops and coaching sessions between matches that are open to junior and adult members from any LNFS England club.

These matches are part of the journey for LNFS England and will allow us to establish a baseline from which to measure the progress of English clubs on the court over the coming years.

Media representatives will attend the tournament and all matches will be filmed and broadcast.

Other planned tournament highlights include:

  • Practical educational sessions for coaches, junior and senior players, and club officials.
  • Workshops on how LNFS clubs operate, including marketing, engagement, partners, and venue operations.
  • Question-and-answer sessions with leading Spanish coaches.
  • An informal end of tournament BBQ.

Members of every LNFS England club are welcome to attend the tournament and all accompanying events. The LNFS will secure discounted hotel accommodation for all participants.

If the Covid-19 situation allows, the inaugural LNFS Anglo-Spanish Tournament may be held later this year.

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