LNFS and LNFS England discuss joint plans

Javier Lozano (LNFS President) and Albania Grosso (LNFS England Chair) at LNFS headquarters, Madrid on 22nd July

Albania Grosso, Chair of LNFS England, met LNFS colleagues, including Javier Lozano (LNFS President), in Madrid last week to discuss our joint plans for the season ahead.

The following main points were agreed:

  • We will continue to develop the LNFS futsal brand worldwide, with several exciting international developments to be announced over the next few weeks.
  • LNFS colleagues in Spain will work with their counterparts in England to develop marketing and communications that are appropriate to the current level of development of English futsal.
  • Colleagues will also work together to develop a suitable broadcasting format for English futsal matches in a way that encourages viewers to want to participate in live futsal as either players or spectators.
  • The first Anglo-Spanish Cup will be held in 2022 in Spain between the two LNFS England Premiership play-off finalists and two leading Spanish sides (subject to the usual sanctioning requirements).
  • Spanish colleagues with English language proficiency will host webinars for LNFS England coaches and players to help develop both technical and club management skills.

Because of Covid-19, this eight-hour meeting was the first opportunity for LNFS and LNFS England colleagues to meet face to face rather than over a video link.

Albania said “It was great to meet Javier and LNFS colleagues, who live and breathe truly elite futsal. They provide inspirational leadership for the best futsal league in the world and I look forward to learning how to adapt their approach to the English situation.”

“The LNFS and LNFS England face similar challenges and opportunities” said Javier, “and by working together internationally we can collectively meet these challenges and enjoy the opportunities.”

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