Introducing YesRef

LNFS England is pleased to introduce YesRef for real time payments to referees. Bringing together sports and technology, YesRef will ensure easy, real time payments for referees with LNFS England.

As part of the new partnership, YesRef will provide real time payments for all referees across the LNFS England divisions through their simple to use platform, increasing the visibility and speed in which referees get
paid their fees and expenses.

The easy-to-use YesRef app will show referees when they have been added to a game or event, as well as a live game status, showing whether the match fees have been paid or not, in one location and in real time.

As a value-added feature, LNFS England member clubs will also be able to request referees via the app for any games outside the league structure. This will reduce the total amount of referee related admin, giving more
time back to the sport we all love.

Ben Williamson, Chief Operations Officer, YesRef said “LNFS England are a forward-thinking organisation looking to make efficiencies in the way the league operates, whilst increasing visibility of payments to referees, who are at the heart of futsal. It is great to have LNFS England onboard and I look forward to a long and successful partnership”.

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