Futsal in Lincolnshire

This is the first in a series of short reports on the good work to develop futsal being done around the country by volunteers, leagues, and County FA’s.

We begin with Lincolnshire FA, formed in 1881, who are working closely with their local clubs to build futsal league and venue infrastructure. This includes establishing Linx Futsal to support futsal teams within Lincolnshire who seek playing opportunities at a local level, as well as supporting clubs who wish to play at a national level.

Jake Park, Lincolnshire FA

Jake Park, Football Development Officer at Lincolnshire FA says:

“Lincolnshire FA understands and appreciates the importance of futsal and strives to ensure our local futsal community feels valued. We have dedicated volunteers across the County undertaking some fantastic futsal-related work, whether that be giving children and young people their first introduction to futsal or organising structured league competitions for those over the age of 18. Lincolnshire FA have forged positive relationships with all our key futsal stakeholders and regularly follow up to ensure any queries received have been actioned accordingly and that our partners feel supported in their work. Our ticketing system allows the County FA to monitor queries from the moment they arrive until the moment they are resolved, creating a clear, easy to manage log of everything in between. We are able to resolve queries on the ticketing system which will generate a feedback mechanism to be sent to the individual or club who raised the query, giving them permission to rate the service they receive. If they are not satisfied or do not feel their query has been adequately answered, they can provide feedback which is shared with staff regularly. Lincolnshire FA are committed to ensuring futsal is accessible to all throughout the County, and believe that by valuing our partners, they will continue their great work and more may come on board to increase the number of futsal opportunities available in Lincolnshire.”

Kevin Bryant receiving an award after 20 years in futsal

Kevin Bryant, Head Coach at Grimsby Futsal Club says:

“Next week is a great example of the way Lincolnshire FA has moved away from a ‘dictating’ organisation to an organisation that aims to increase participation by supporting their leagues, clubs, and teams:

  • Monday: the Grimsby Futsal League has a Zoom meeting with Lincolnshire FA to discuss the progress we are making installing teams and players to the Whole Game System as it’s our first time using the system.
  • Tuesday: another Zoom meeting, this time with Lincolnshire FA and the Football Foundation to advise on the next funding stage for Corinthians Complex CIC Limited as we progress to refurbish three outdoor futsal courts we have secured on a 99 year lease from North East Lincolnshire Council.
  • Friday: Corinthians Walking Football Club, of which I am Vice Chair, have a Zoom meeting to discuss Return to Play for the County walking football league initiated by Lincolnshire FA. The WF league is a shared partnership managed by Lincolnshire FA and member clubs working together.

The level of service I get from Lincolnshire FA is exceptional. I know that if I have a query someone is there to help and, most importantly, that query will be dealt with quickly and not closed until I, the customer, close it.”

Members of Grimsby Futsal Club first team at a pre-Covid tournament jointly delivered with Lincolnshire FA

Lincolnshire is one of a small, but hopefully growing, number of County FA’s who take futsal seriously as a sport in its own right and are determined to fulfil the FA’s responsibilities as its governing body. Despite massive reductions in central FA funding for futsal, these County FA’s are stepping up to help organise leagues, provide advice to clubs, and support new futsal infrastructure initiatives. The local FA can provide the administrative “glue” that helps bind clubs together off the court and allows them and the leagues they play in to develop sustainably.

We applaud the efforts of Lincolnshire FA and wish them and the clubs in their County success both on and off the court.

In future reports we’ll be showcasing the support for futsal provided by other County FAs around the country.

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