Futsal development in Portugal

In the video below Hélder Postiga, a Portuguese Football Federation director, discusses the growth of futsal in Portugal, a country with a population of just over 10 million compared to England’s population of around 56 million.

The main messages from this interesting video are:

  • There would be over 300,000 registered futsal players in England if we had the same population percentage of players as Portugal.
  • A commitment to develop the base of the game is crucial.
  • Winning the men’s Futsal Euros in 2018 led to a large increase in player registrations and re-registrations, particularly amongst male players, and helped accelerate futsal development in Portugal.
  • However, Portuguese futsal was already growing before 2018, so further tournament victories are not considered essential for future growth.
  • Instead, the focus should be on increasing the overall number of players, the number and competitiveness of matches, and the volume of grassroots training.

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