Dedicated Futsal Funding

In response to the widely recognised need for dependable and targeted futsal funding, a founding committee is setting up an important new futsal organisation dedicated to serving the sport in England.

LNFS England is working with an external charity founding committee to set up an independent Charitable Incorporated Organisation that will:

  1. Promote and encourage participation in futsal-centric fundraising and donations from a broad range of sources.
  2. Streamline and simplify futsal-specific funding , while upholding transparency, accountability, and sustainable growth.
  3. Attract and develop funding from donors interested specifically in supporting futsal and not “football” in general.
  4. Help define and contribute to a viable and sustainable financial structure for futsal growth in England.

The Trust’s charitable objectives will bring benefits for:

  1. The whole futsal community by providing support for a wide range of projects such as club development workshops (including business planning, grant writing, team building/networking, etc.). The essence of these activities is to bring new skills, raise standards, foster a coherent, integrated culture, and promote professionalism in the futsal community.
  2. Individual clubs and leagues by – for example – helping to provide equipment to make a sports hall futsal-ready, supporting formation of new youth leagues, etc. These activities would be aimed at providing strategic funding for specific projects run by not-for-profit community interest companies, other charities, and democratically controlled unincorporated associations.

The charity will give particular attention to youth development, disadvantaged communities, and the promotion of general health and well-being and will seek to form strategic links with similar organisations sharing complementary objectives (e.g., English handball, other indoor court-based sports, etc.).

Key principles of The Charity will be independence and accountability. Initially Trustees will be appointed based on expertise and diversity and will operate with complete independence from existing futsal and football organisations. Best Practice, including as set out in Sport England’s Code For Sports Governance, will be fully embraced.

The new charity will become a reliable source of funding, encouraging well run futsal clubs and democratically accountable futsal leagues – helping to strengthen the sport nationwide.

The success of The Charity will depend on the commitment and standards upheld by its Trustees. It is fortunate that some passionate and dedicated people are already working on the project, but identifying and involving the best range of people with the right outlooks and complementary experience is essential. The charity will need a committed, diverse, and comprehensive skill set at its core. Please contact the founding committee if you are interested in being considered as an independent trustee or would like to nominate someone else. Candidates with business, accounting, charity, and media experience would be especially valuable as well as those who feel they may be particularly able to represent any potentially neglected interests.

If you have questions or want further information, please email us or submit nominations using the form below:

Please make sure you have the consent of 3rd party nominees before providing their contact information. You may prefer to encourage the individual to submit a nomination for themselves. Any information given will be used personally by members of the founding committee solely for its stated purpose and will not be given to any other organisation. Requests for removal from records can be made by email.

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  1. Hello Robert this is David D’Errico I just responded to your email about the futsal fundraising project not only have I Been the captain of the US national soccer team but also have tremendous contacts in the FUTSAL world and we just partnered with a company that has raised over $560 million for their stakeholders for fundraising an auction so I look forward to talking with you all the best David

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