Calling all youth futsal league organisers across England

Yesterday we laid out our plans for LNFS England youth provision.

For u16s and all lower age groups we said the following:

  • We applaud the hard work and effort of many volunteers across the country in forming and running youth futsal leagues.
  • We wish to support these leagues and their organisers so that they maintain complete independence but have access to a wider network of other youth futsal teams and leagues, leading to increased opportunities for their players.
  • We will support these existing leagues and help establish new leagues in current futsal “blackspots”.
  • Well-governed, transparently run, and locally accountable futsal leagues will be supported in providing an appropriate pathway for youth players to transition into the adult game.
  • To begin the process of youth league co-ordination we are creating a steering group under the democratic control of youth league organisers. The aim of this group is to identify the best ways to promote co-ordination and collaboration between youth futsal leagues across the country in a way that best serves their players.

Please complete the contact form below if you organise a boys, girls, or mixed futsal league in England for u16s or any lower age group and would like to hear about ways in which your league might become part of a wider network of youth futsal leagues.

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