A big welcome from LNFS England to On The Court

On The Court – Issue 1

LNFS England extends a big welcome to On The Court, an excellent new online magazine for futsal coaches, players and fans. With over 100 pages there’s something for everyone – from goalkeepers to stats geeks!

This first issue contains:

  • A beginner’s guide to futsal
  • Team analysis of Levante FS in the LNFS
  • Head Coach focus on Dani Rodriguez of Jaen FS in the LNFS
  • Session of the month on defensive organisation
  • Goalkeeper focus on Leo Higuita of AFC Kairat
  • Player focus on Nelson Lutin of ACCS
  • Introduction to Expected Goals (xG) in futsal, with a case study of Barcelona v Luparense
  • “Packing analysis” (another analytics tool) of CUS Ancona v Futsal Cesana
  • Futsal kit and equipment reviews
  • An interview with Charlie Hyman of Bloomsbury FC about club development
  • Information on upcoming international games
  • …..and a technical description of the Goal of the Month by Waltinho of Jimbee Cartagena in the LNFS, as shown in these match highlights:

The magazine’s content is first rate and its design and production values are excellent. We can’t recommend this new magazine highly enough to anyone who wants in-depth analysis of futsal.

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